With some of the most talented bioinformaticians in our team

Evaxion is pioneering the field of immunoinformatics, working hard to bring novel, highly effective vaccines and antibodies to patients. By converting complex immunological data into computational algorithms, Evaxion is capable of programming the immune system to fight off a variety of diseases from cancers to hard-to-treat anti-microbial resistant infections.

With some of the most talented bioinformaticians in our team

Evaxion is pioneering the field of immunoinformatics, working hard to bring novel, highly effective vaccines and antibodies to patients. By converting complex immunological data into computational algorithms, Evaxion is capable of programming the immune system to fight off a variety of diseases from cancers to hard-to-treat anti-microbial resistant infections.


Lars Wegner


Lars is a Founding Investor of Evaxion and has previously been involved in multiple startups and early ventures. He began his career as a medical doctor and worked for several years as a clinician. Since then, Lars has gained extensive experience within the vaccine industry, first at Pfizer and then 10 years as part of Senior Management in Bavarian Nordic, a listed immuno-oncology and vaccine company.

Niels Moeller

MD, CMO/COO and co-founder

Niels co-founder of Evaxion and is a medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen and BA of Economics from Copenhagen Business School. He has worked as a Medical Director within the area of Companion Diagnostics and prior to that as a Medical Advisor within the area of cancer and biopharmaceuticals for AstraZeneca. Niels began this career at Servier Pharmaceuticals as Marketing Manager. Until August 2017 Niels was CEO of Evaxion and in 2016 he was awarded "CEO of the Year" in the vaccine industry by European CEO.

Andreas Holm Mattsson

CSO and co-founder

Andreas is an experienced bioinformatician from the Technical University of Denmark. Prior to working at Evaxion, Andreas spent six years at Novo Nordisk developing in silico platforms. Since the founding of Evaxion in 2008, Andreas has worked on developing Evaxion's in silico platforms including EDEN and PIONER and numerous other in silico tools enabling vaccine discovery in the area of infectious diseases and immune oncology.

Jens Kringelum

PhD, Director, Genomic Immuno-Oncology

Jens holds a PhD in Bioinformatics from the Technical University of Denmark. He is the former CEO of EIR Sciences (CRO within immunological bioinformatics), and co-founder of VenomAb IVS, a company developing cheaper and safer antivenoms against snake bites. He is specialized in immunological bioinformatics and chemoinformatics for prediction of polypharmacology. Jens is directing Evaxion's genomic immuno-oncology program.

Pär Comstedt

PhD, Director, Infectious Disease Vaccines

Pär has a PhD in molecular biology and 10 years experience form the vaccine industry. He is specialized in vaccine discovery, research and development. Before joining Evaxion in 2016, he was Manager for Infectious Disease Models at Valneva Austria GmbH. He started his professional career at Intercell AG in 2008 and was Research Project Leader for the company's Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) vaccine from early discovery to clinical development. Pär is managing Evaxion's infectious disease projects.

Birgitte Rønø

PhD, Director, Cancer Vaccines

Birgitte Rønø holds a PhD in experimental oncology and immunology from Copenhagen University Hospital. Birgitte has more than 10 years experience in biopharmaceutical drug discovery from academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Birgitte joined Evaxion Biotech in Sept 2017 and is currently director of the immuno-oncology discovery pipeline.


Tom Wylonis

PhD, Dr., Chairman of the Board

Tom is a former Global Director of McKinsey & Company where he consulted with top management of high-tech and pharmaceutical companies on issues related to research, innovation, product development, strategy & organizational development. Prior to working for McKinsey & Company, Tom worked at the Bell Telephone Laboratories (Bell Labs) as a Member of Technical Staff.
Tom has been or is on the board of directors for several companies and more recently, Tom has joined the Charleston Angel Partners as an ‘angel’ investor in four high-tech start-ups. Further, Tom is active as a mentor-instructor at MIT, as an advisor to the Chancellor or Penn State Schuylkill, as a mentor to Penn State engineering students, and as a mentor to students at the Citadel.

Steven Projan

PhD, Board Member

Steve is the Sr V.P. R&D and Head of Infectious Disease & Vaccines at MedImmune. Prior to working at MedImmune, Steve served as V.P., Global and Head of Infectious Disease at Novartis and V.P. and Head of Biological Technologies at Wyeth. Steve is an expert in infectious diseases, having worked many years with both basic and applied research, successfully led four programs resulting in the approval of novel anti-infective drugs with other in various stages of development, and produced more than 110 peer-reviewed publications.

Roberto Prego Novo

Board Member

Roberto has served on the board of directors and as President, Principal Accounting Officer and Secretary of Cocrystal Pharma Inc. Roberto has served as the President of Laboratorios Elmor S.A., a Venezuelan pharmaceutical company. Roberto also served as the Vice President, Latin America, of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited from 2006 to 2010 and as the Vice President, Latin America, of IVAX Corporation from 2006 to 2008. Roberto brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the board as an executive in large pharmaceutical companies and as an investor in biotech companies.


Prof. Guido Grandi Ph.D

Prof. Grandi is an Italian scientist who took leading positions in industrial research, including Head of the Biotechnology Centers of ENIRICERCHE and Director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of the Vaccines Division of Chiron. When Chiron was acquired by Novartis, Prof. Grandi was appointed Senior Project Leader and Member of the Board of Directors of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Italy. At Novartis, he led/co-led numerous successful vaccine projects including Meningococcus B vaccine, Group A and Group B Streptococcus vaccine and Staphylococcus aureus vaccine. In 2015 he became Professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology at Trento University, Italy. In addition, Grandi is a permanent member of the European Molecular Biology Organization as well as a number of scientific advisory boards, the co-founder of two Biotech Companies working in the field of cancer immunotherapy, inventor/co-inventor of 448 granted international patents, author/co-author of 185 publications on international peer-reviewed papers and 20 book chapters, and is editor/co-editor of three books.

Prof. Arup K. Chakraborty Ph.D

Arup is the founding Director of MIT’s Institute of Medical Engineering and Science,the Ragon Institute of MIT and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Physics, and Biological Engineering at MIT. After obtaining his PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Delaware, and postdoctoral studies at the University of Minnesota he move to Berkeley. Where he rose through the ranks to serve as the Warren and Katherine Schlinger Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics. Later becoming Head of Theoretical and Computational Biology at Lawrence National Laboratory before moving to MIT in 2005.

Prof. Søren Brunak, dr. phil., PhD

Søren is rated as one of the Worlds 200 most influential biology and biochemistry scientists. He is the founding Director of the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, which was formed in 1993 as a multi-disciplinary research group of molecular biologists, biochemists, medical doctors, physicists, and computer scientists. Søren is professor of Bioinformatics at the Technical University of Denmark and professor of Disease Systems Biology at the University of Copenhagen. Søren has been highly active within biological data integration, where machine learning techniques often have been used to integrate predicted or established functional genome, metagenome and proteome annotation. Søren is further a member of the Nobel Award Panel

Prof. Morten Nielsen, PhD

Morten is rated as one of the Worlds 100 most influential computational scientists. The inventor of NETMHC, his research is focused on development of novel pattern recognition algorithms that can improve rational vaccine design against infections like HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The algorithms developed include Gibbs sampler, artificial neural networks, position specific scoring matrix (PSSM) construction, sequence clustering, hidden Markov models, and sequence profile-based alignment methods.

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